A while ago, a client reached out with an interesting project proposition; he wanted me to photograph popular sightseeing locations in Los Angeles for his own marketing purposes. My first thought was, “I’m a celebrity portrait and beauty photographer, not someone who captures architectural images.” He actually appreciated that my specialty was counter to his assignment and thought that I could see these locations with a fresh perspective.

After some hesitation, I agreed to take the job and began doing some research. One of the reasons I like to take on new and interesting projects is because they give me a creative break from my usual work. I love photographing people, but the constant need to come up with new ideas can be taxing.

I began this new venture by making a list of locations that were not only popular but would be interesting to photograph: the high-rise buildings in downtown Los Angeles, the Staples Center, the Disney Concert Hall, the Encounter restaurant at LAX, the Griffith Observatory, the Santa Monica Pier and Rodeo Drive. I knew I had a limited window of opportunity to photograph these buildings and would have to take the shots during the “blue hour”. The “blue hour” follows sunset and lasts about 40 minutes; it’s the time when the intensity of natural light matches the intensity of the artificial light found inside a building.

Now, I have to admit, the first evening I set out to a location, I was bitching about it. It’s my process: first I bitch, and then I get over myself and dive right into whatever I have to do. The end results are usually amazing, and I actually wind up enjoying myself. This was no exception; I fell in love with architectural photography. I found myself turned on by the geometric shapes and the intense colors.








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Szatmari: Acclaimed celebrity portrait and beauty photographer Kate sZatmari has created memorable work for Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, People and Rolling Stone among many other national and international publications. Known in the entertainment industry for her artful images of actors, actresses, musicians and writers, sZatmari has completed projects for companies including Universal Music, Interscope Records, Lionsgate, Simon & Schuster and La Prairie.


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