Photographers are masters of light. We can find it, bend it and see the full potential in it. I personally love shooting on location as it easily inspires me. Sometimes I see a crack of light or a reflection off a surface and get excited about the mood it can create. Other times it’s “I need to make this shot work and we’re going to figure it out!”

I was photographing actress Kali Hawk for Music, Fashion magazine and really wanted to shoot against the raw brick walls in the garage of the loft I lived in. It was definitely dark and we weren’t able to bring strobes in, and I personally HATE on-camera flash! Plus it would have killed the romantic mood I was aiming for. So…I brought a flashlight and told my assistant to back up a few meters and shine the light on her face…


When photographing recording artist Omid Afshar, it was the last shot of the day and the light just dropped like a rock. So…I told my assistant to park my car 45 degrees behind the talent and turn on the high beams. I LOVE lens flare and rim lighting!


Last year I was in Germany visiting my friend Katharina, who’s a model and we shot a sexy skin, beauty editorial for Ellements magazine. I got to play in this gorgeous restaurant with a ton of empty rooms upstairs that were usually rented out for events. Talk about rustic! One of the rooms had a lamp that was decorated with hanging crystals. I knew I could blur the shit out of them and add the romantic feel to the photo, that I’m notoriously known for. It’s now one of my favorite beauty images…


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Szatmari: Acclaimed celebrity portrait and beauty photographer Kate sZatmari has created memorable work for Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, People and Rolling Stone among many other national and international publications. Known in the entertainment industry for her artful images of actors, actresses, musicians and writers, sZatmari has completed projects for companies including Universal Music, Interscope Records, Lionsgate, Simon & Schuster and La Prairie.


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