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Welcome to Kate sZatmari photography - Los Angeles celebrity, music, fashion, beauty, headshot, fitness
and advertising photographer.

Kate is a well known Los Angeles and Hollywood celebrity photographer, who has shot numerous
celebrity, fashion, beauty, fitness and music editorials for publications such as NE02, Highlights, MF,
KRAVE, Ion, 13 Minutes,and Best Body magazines.  Her photography has been published internationally and has
won several awards as an outstanding fashion editorial photographer.  She has been the chosen photographer for various fashion,
beauty, and commerical campaigns.

Kate is sought after as a Los Angeles celebrity photographer, fashion photographer, beauty
photographer, music photographer, fitness and advertising photographer, due to her unique blend of
photography and digital expertise.  

Due to being a celebrity photogarpher in Los Angeles, Kate also understands the importance of
a great acting headshot photography.  She specializes as a Los Angeles headshot photographer, due to capturing not
only the beauty but the amazing personality of an actress or actor in Hollywood. Your headshot is your
calling card, wether it's acting headshots, corporate headshots, business headshots, only the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles should be considered at the time
of your need.

Headshot Photography Los Angeles

Los Angeles headshot photographers, are quite common so which headshot photographer is the right one for you?  I have photographed many Hollywood actors and actresses and have a significant amount of experience in helping you make your headshot stand out from others.  Headshot photography is all about capturing personality, character, your pure raw essence.   Acting headshots are a calling card, they are your main resource in helping you get your foot further through the door.  As a Los Angeles headshot photographer, I fully comprehend the importance of your headshot.  Bellow are some of the questions often asked about my headshot photography and preperation for getting your headshots photographed.

    Getting your headshot taken is a career investment.  A great headshot will aid in your booking a job.  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help you prepare.

How do I prepare for my photo shoot?

    Get plenty of rest and try to avoid alcohol and coffee a couple of days prior to your shoot.  They dehydrate your skin, which will be reflected on your photographs.
Prepare your clothing the night before so you have no worries the next day.

What are the photo shoots like?

    In order to capture the best headshot photographs, you have to be relaxed and comfortable.  I create an immediate environment of comfort.  Though what we are doing that day is very important and serious for your career, we have fun with it!

What should I wear?

    Bring clothing that you love, that make you feel amazing.  I always recommend a comfortable pair of jeans (we don't see them).  Bring more clothing than you need just in case.  I do help on the day of the shoot with the final selections.

    Pastels and earth tones are great when your choosing your colors.  Make sure your clothes are neat, wrinkle and spot free.  
Try to avoid vibrant colors such as hot pink, coral red, neon green.  These colors are very bold and will partially take will take the attention away from you.  No logos or heavy patterns and also try to avoid spaghetti straps as they can sometimes make you look almost nude.

What about makeup and hair?

    Having a makeup/hair stylist on set is very helpful.  Naturally it is always your choice.
A makeup artist will create a look that will match you and work for photography.  They can hide blemish's, and balance out uneven skin tones.

Modeling Portfolio

Building a modeling portfolio is never easy when interested in pursuing a modeling career either in Los Angeles or New York.  Selecting a modeling photographer is probably harder.  There are many photographers to choose from but the question comes down to how well are they going to photograph you?  A Los Angeles or New York photographer, should ask you if you have any previous modeling experience?  What type of model would you like to be, a high fashion model or a commercial model?  What's your height? That right there will determine not only which part of the industry you may fit in but what agency will accept you. I have photographed numerous models for their modeling portfolio and not only do we have a great time working together but we get great results that will help to get you on your way and build your zed card.  Zed cards are very important, because it's the sole demonstration of what you look like in front of the lens and how you can work the camera.

Fashion Photograpy Los Angeles, New York

Los Angeles photographers and New York fashion photographers are notoriously known for their edgy photography.  It is important to have an amazing creative imagination for fashion.  I personally love creating incredible images whether I'm a photographer for a fashion designer, or a photographer for an advertising agency.  Either way I capture the product, clothing in a fantastic way that is brandable to various demographics.

Beauty Photography in Los Angeles and New York

Beauty photography is one of the most tricky shoots a photographer in Los Angeles or New York will take on.  Beauty is all about detail, patience and timing to capture the right expression, right angle of beauty.  Wether it's for a beauty advertising campaign, cosmetics, skin care, makeup, hair or jewelry, patience is everything.  I'm a beauty photographer with not only the experience and comprehension of the importance of every small detail involving beauty photography but have an amazing team that adds to the final perfection of your photograph.

Music - Musician Photography

Los Angeles, New York music photographers have endless creativity with recording artists.  Musician are one of the most imaginative artists a photographer can ask for as they are very opened to the imagination.  I love photographing musician portraits or shooting a musicians headshot or promotional shot.  I'm often asked to provide concepts based on their image and music using either straight edgy photography or my digital expertise in composite.  Definitely a favorite of mine as a Los Angeles based music photographer.


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