Setting a parking lot nearly on fire, probably qualifies as “no bueno”! LOL Oh well, anything I do is always “in the name of art”. That’s my honest statement, if ever get arrested!


My friend Josh and I shoot often together for his various publicity needs. We always try to come up with something new and creative. Sometimes it’s a new prop or a cool background that requires us trespassing. On a recent shoot, he wanted to project the “bad boy” image, which is actually quite opposite of his character. Smoking, drinking, leather jacket… I had the genius idea, instead of using a lighter or a match, to roll a newspaper, and have him use that to light the cigarette. It was a shock his brows didn’t get singed! LOL

To “kick it up a notch”, I thought it’d be great to light more newspaper and have him stand over it in a parking lot. We had plenty of bottled water, or so we thought… The flames caught a hint of wind, just enough that when we tried to put it out, it was taking a bit of effort. Ran out of water, but THANKFULLY, my bottle of coke did the job!
Not going to lie…got a little nervous.

As for the photographic result?

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Szatmari: Acclaimed celebrity portrait and beauty photographer Kate sZatmari has created memorable work for Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, People and Rolling Stone among many other national and international publications. Known in the entertainment industry for her artful images of actors, actresses, musicians and writers, sZatmari has completed projects for companies including Universal Music, Interscope Records, Lionsgate, Simon & Schuster and La Prairie.


  1. Sean April 23, 2015 Reply

    Completely awesome!!

  2. Tania April 23, 2015 Reply


    Bringing new meaning to the expression "en fuego!" LOLOL

  3. Qi April 24, 2015 Reply

    Did his eye lashes burn? LOL When are you gonna put a photo in your empty snowman window?

  4. Erica Sanae April 29, 2015 Reply

    very cool...i guess that's what happens when he's not REALLY a bad boy! ;) haha
    Good thing nothing worse happened, and you had your coke- the wind can do some dangerous things! Can't wait to see the pic of him standing over the fire though!

  5. Aimz May 4, 2015 Reply

    I know its been forever beautiful woman but Simon and I are going to see you after finals in 2 weeks.
    But this article just made my day!!!! love it! Keep up the creativity :)

    Lots of love!

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