I worked with one of my favorite clients and friends, recording artist Delra Harris. He was being featured in Men’s Book magazine and was in need of some fresh images.
Delra and I have always had a lot of fun on set, as we both have wild and loud personalities. And, it doesn’t hurt that he’s got features the camera simply loves.

We shot at his beautiful, modern loft, which features stunning floor-to-ceiling windows. Anyone who has worked with me knows that windows are my Kryptonite. Unfortunately, shooting through this particular glass was going to be problematic. First, I could clearly see all of the furniture behind Delra. Second, I could see the reflection of everything behind me.

Hell-bent on nailing the portrait, I began to think about how I could overcome the glass roadblock. I ran to the refrigerator and saw an unopened bottle of strawberry margarita mix. BINGO! I yelled out, “Hey, do you mind if I use this?” Delra just stared at me in complete confusion but trusting me enough to let me move ahead.

I stepped out onto his roof, opened the bottle of liquid goodness and began splashing the window with it. I yelled again, this time, “Hurry up, and pose!” and began shooting, searching just for the right angle. As the margarita mix began to run down the panes, it created a red, blurry vignetting around my subject’s face, distorting all the of things that were preventing me from getting my perfect shot. Who says a nice drink can’t solve SOME problems?

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Szatmari: Acclaimed celebrity portrait and beauty photographer Kate sZatmari has created memorable work for Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, People and Rolling Stone among many other national and international publications. Known in the entertainment industry for her artful images of actors, actresses, musicians and writers, sZatmari has completed projects for companies including Universal Music, Interscope Records, Lionsgate, Simon & Schuster and La Prairie.

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